We in the Progressive Democratic Party believe that all citizens of South Africa would like to build this nation upon the foundations laid by our forefathers in 1912. The party will endeavour to elect capable men and women from all the people of South Africa, who support its beliefs.

  • Able men and women who fears God
  • Who loves the truth
  • Who are trustworthy
  • Men and women who hates dishonest gain

These men and women will be appointed as officials in all three tiers of government, local, provincial and national.

The PDP will jealously guard and protect the constitution of South Africa. We believe that though we are from diverse backgrounds and groups we have common humanity and are one nation.

People will be appointed to offices and functions not according to their tribe, colour of their skin or gender but according to their abilities and skills to improve service delivery and to enhance the well being of every single individual.

From 1994 South Africa became a democratic and free society in which all persons ought to live in harmony and with equal opportunities, but instead we see corruption in high places which leaves our people in abyss of crime and poverty.

PDP believes that oppression and corruption is caused by the condition of the heart hence we insist in appointing leadership that love truth and hate dishonest gain.

Democracy is a God given gift to enable divers tribes to live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.

Progressive Democratic Party is home to all South Africans who want to live out the ideals of  Rev Dube, Chief Luthuli, Robert Sobukhwe, Steve Biko, Oliver Tambo, Helen Suzman, Frederick Van Zyl  Slabbert, and Nelson Mandela.

We do not only appreciate ideals of the above mentioned patriots but we believe that the essence of their spirit and stature can be manifested through us in our time.


A political structure with ideals of the above patriots as its foundation can promote unity and national development while also promoting the nation’s cultural diversity.PDP believes that the lives of these patriots will be celebrated by the nation without discrimination.

The present political landscape can be changed by men , women, and youth that believe SOUTH AFRICA is made of ONE HUMAN RACE, ONE NATION COMPOSED OF MANY TRIBES..

PDP will not rule by lies but will endeavour to live by truth in all its dealings with all South Africans.

PDP is not a home for those who seek to enrich themselves under the guise of working for the poorest of the poor, but is a home for those who want to be servant leaders. For the past seventeen years of democracy in South Africa only a few have tasted and enjoyed the fruits of liberty.

We believe that the masses are manipulated by exciting them through chanting, ululating mantras and dancing, whilst they are in high spirits, serious decisions that affect their lives are taken by a tiny few political managers, this habit is tantamount to wickedness.

Now is the time to invite the masses to sobriety and allow them to exercise their faculties to the formulation of developmental strategies that will secure their political and economic rights.

The development of an economy where needed goods and services are provided for the community along with gainful employment at a fair market price and wage is our number one priority. In case of transformation of education, health and other aspects of public life PDP will consider some of the recommendations made by TRC.

Legislation that affects daily lives of nationals of this land will be agreed upon by citizenry by ways of referendums. PDP believes that Justice in our land is to be blind to nationality, colour, gender, creed, or politics. We affirm righteousness and justice, respect and dignity for all people. We share the dream of a just society and refuse to let it die.

Founder and President

Armstrong Qwele

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